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A typical Q45/M45 owner goes shopping (grocery store, Lowes, Home Depot) and comes out of the store with bags in each hand. You hit the trunk button on your remote, BUT, the trunk doesn't pop open. You have to set your stuff down on the ground and lift it up.

Wouldn't it be great if when you hit the trunk button on your remote - the trunk opened up by itself without you lifting a finger?

Once you have this feature on a car and your next car doesn't, you will be screaming for it.

Jason Burtman has put together a package to do this that is relatively cheap, considering the time and parts to make this become a reality. This kit takes out all the guess work and R&D if you tried to do it yourself.

*The cost of the power trunk opener that comes standard on the 2003-04 Q45 would cost around $1,800 to retro-fit on a 2002 model. Motor, control unit, and new wiring harness would be needed. This option is much better!

Video (132kb- mpeg)

Price will be $129+ shipping/handling. CLICK HERE to order for your 2002 Q45.

CLICK HERE to order for your 2003+ M45.


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