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Pictures after window tint was applied:

Exhaust system:

Braided stainless steel:

The 35A V8 in the new Infiniti INDY CAR shares features with the 340-hp V8 engine used in the 2002 Infiniti Q45 luxury sport sedan. Both engines have the same 93mm cylinder bores and 112mm bore spacing. Other similarities include: titanium valves, dual overhead camshafts with four valves per cylinder, sequential multiport fuel injection and an aluminum block with molybdenum-coated pistons. All of this is no accident: "Some of the engineers from the race-engine program have moved on to the passenger car program," says Bamber. More info here


Indy 35A V8 2002 Q45 V8
Designation VRH35ADE VK45DE
Type DOHC 32-valve V8 DOHC 32-valve V8
Cylinder Angle 90°  90°
Displacement 3.5 liters 4.5 liters
Horsepower 650 @ 10,700 rpm 340 @ 6400 rpm
Torque 320 ft-lb @ 10,400 rpm 333 ft-lb @ 4000 rpm
Bore x Stroke 93 x 64.39mm 93 x 82.7mm
Compression Ratio 13.8:1 10.5:1
Redline 10,700 rpm 6900 rpm
Crankshaft 180° billet steel 90° forged steel
Connecting Rods machined alloy steel forged steel
Lubrication multistage dry sump  wet sump w/trochoid gear
Oil Capacity 12 quarts 6 quarts
Fuel methanol premium unleaded
Top Speed 225-plus mph limited to 150 mph

2002 Q45 Engine:

2002 Q45 Tranny:

Japanese version of the Q45 sold in Japan

Q45 Commercial Videos:

Power of speech 2.55mb

Rear view 2.45mb

Speed effect 2.50mb

Homemade videos - * indicates new

Night drive - professional driver, hehe  344kb

Night drive 2  238kb

Adjusting motorized hid's via control knob inside cabin - after dark  165kb

Close-up of motorized hid's  232kb

Bose sound system video - mic is way to sensitive here...  464kb

Interior surround video  504kb

Rear Camera 15 sec video  335kb

Q on the road video  199kb

*Q exhaust rev! mmm  118kb

New Q45 screen saver!  4.3mb

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