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Are you a new Q45 or M45 owner? Click here to see the new trunk modification that can be done your own Q45/M45!








Burtman Industries "factory matched wood" on overhead console:





Just a few of the many maintenance screens you get when your car needs service. These are displayed on the 7 inch flat screen in the center dash pod.  Notice the picture of the Q45.


Did you know that the Q45 has a series of special "hidden  menus" within the onboard computer? With the help of another Q45 owner we have now found them! There are many cool functions that can be performed. Once such function is turning on the rear camera while driving. This is a feature only James Bond would have, but now you can too. To see these menus in action, click Part I and Part II for the full layout and instructions on how to enable this top secret feature...

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