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Read what some customers had to say about some of our dash kits.

More customer praises

Even more customers praises 

Here are just few satisfied customers:

"Just wanted to leave a quick note to thank Jason Burtman for his help. I recently bought a dashboard wood kit from him for my 2000 SR5. I went to many wood kit web sites and asked lots of questions. The truck was a major purchase for me and I wanted a quality kit. After several "chat" sessions with Jason and his promise that I would "love" his kit, I ordered one. It arrived in less than a week and was exactly as Jason had said. Fit and finish is great and the installation is straight forward if you have some patience and a steady hand. It really makes the interior of my truck look classy. If anyone is looking for a wood kit, talk to Jason. He is very knowledgeable and a good guy to deal with. I hope to have some pics soon for him to put up on his site. Take it easy,

Rob Primavera"

"Just letting folks know what a great job you do!  It would be nice if other places of business would take care of the customer the way you take care of yours.

It was probably one of the easiest web-buying experinences that I have gone through, as I buy quite a bit of stuff off the web due to my job keeping me tied up most of the daylight hours.

I will definitely be back when I figure out my next mod.  BTW... That billet grill you posted about has defintely got my attention!



"My name is Blake and I recently bought clear corners and a dash kit for my new vechile. Because the mail system in my community is messed up, some wires got crossed as to where my parts were. 

Jason took it upon himself to contact UPS  and find out just where my parts were. When they arrived they were well worth the wait. The synth carbon dashes were simple to install and look better than I had imagined! Not the mention the clear corners give my car a  whole new look. Thanks Jason for your constant availability to answer questions and the time you spent helping with my order. I WILL come back."

Blake Langley"

"I just wanted to personally thank Jason Burtman for saving me alot of money and making my 97 Limited 4X4 look a hell of alot better!!! I bought a wood kit from him and it made my truck look sooooooo much better on the inside, and he gave me the inside scoop to a couple of good places to get a good deal on wheels. So for you 3rd generation owners, if you have any questions, or need a good deal, ask Jason, b/c he can sell you alot of cool accessories for a good price. 

Pics of my ride to come soon. Thanks again Jason.


"Oh what a difference it makes. 

Thanks to Jason B. for hooking me up with such a well-done kit for my Infiniti FX45! It fits perfectly. And, it looks gorgeous. 


"I just wanted to thank you for the great addition of the special wood dash pieces that completed my 1999 4runner LTD.  There just seemed to be something missing before ,now it's perfect! I plan on doing many more mods,  and wouldn't shop anywhere else. Your communication and fast delievery were fantastic - I really appreciate that. I have listed a site that helps me support my 4runner habbit, and has made me happier, healthier and given me more free time to enjoy my life and others.

Rick Simon"

"Well, my dad got his wood dash kit today from his 1994 Trooper. He ordered it through Jason Burtman at Burtman Industries . Let me tell you something. That is one fine kit. I helped him put it on and it was super simple. You first wipe the area clean with rubbing alcohol. Then, you add this adhesive prep stuff that helps the 3M adhesive stick alot better. Then you go at it! Really simple and it looks really, really, really awesome! If anyone wants to get a synthetic wood and carbon, or a real wood and carbon dash kit, I would definitely recommend 10000000% to go right to Jason and get something from him. The kit is SUPER quality, fits awesome and looks great. Jason provided my dad and I with awesome service and quality from the first minute I told him I was thinking about being interested in a kit. Jason is a true business man and a great person to deal with. Thank you Jason and I would seriously recommend him and his products to anyone who wants to make their vehicle more appealing. Thanks! 

Ryan Bingaman

"Even my wife who wouldn't ever agree to purchasing this without seeing it, felt that the improvement was well worth it. It looks like a factory job and totally changes the inside to a true luxury appearance. This is well worth the money!!
If you are a third generation Limited 4-Runner owner, I highly reccomend this kit and  I wholeheartedly agree with the comments on this page

Good work Jason!! 

Ross Guyer"

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