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Bully Dog GT (adds 45+ miles to a tank of gas!)


2005 - 2015, Nissan Titan CC

The Nissan Power Pup™ now makes it to Burtman Industries! With group buy pricing, you can't go wrong. Designed for Nissan Titan owners looking for more power and better fuel economy. Our customers have reported 45+ more miles to a tank of gas on the highway!

The Nissan Power Pup™ offers the user two diferent engine tunes above Stock to accommodate various driving conditions: Regular Tune (use with regular fuel) and Premium Tune (use with high-octane fuel). It also gives the user the capabilities to adjust rev and speed limiters, as well as read and erase diagnostic trouble codes.

  • Adjust engine timing +/- 2 degrees
  • Disable/Enable Wide Open Throttle Governor
  • Adjust Idle Up Feature
  • Rev Limiter (allows you to raise or lower limit it depending upon driving needs.
  • Speed Limiter (allows you to adjust the vehicles top speed from 40 mph to 126 mph in increments of 2mph. Only to be adjusted upward for racing purposes only and should never be used upon a public road or highway.
  • Diagnostic Trouble Codes (can read and erase diagnostic trouble codes. Codes should be checked periodically and whenever a warning light appears on the vehicle dash. Visit: for trouble code meaning and interpretation. The trouble codes that are commonly seen on vehicles are described on the Power Pup screen, so it's not necessary for the end user to refer to the website.
  • Update Online!
  • Engine Tuning Programs

    Stock: Choosing the Stock engine tune will result in no change to engine horsepower output. All other downloader features can still be accessed if the Stock engine tune is chosen.

    Regular: This engine tune is recommended for use with 85 or 87 octane gasoline. This tune can be used for everyday driving and towing. Dynamometer testing results have shown a 10-12hp increase in rear wheel horsepower.

    Premium: this engine tune is recommended for use with 91 or 93 octane gasoline. This tune can be used for everyday driving, towing and racing. Dynamometer testing results have shown up to 22 horsepower and 24 ft.-lbs torque increase, on the premium tune, to the rear wheels.

    Those with 2008+ Titans!: The latest update is ready. Order before the rush!

    Jason Burtman's 4Runner Limited


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    Reg. Price: $450.00
    Our Price: $ 399.99


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       '03-'05 Toyota 4Runner
       '04-'15 Nissan Titan CC
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       '96-'02 Toyota 4Runner
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       '96-'98 Toyota 4Runner
       '06-'14 Honda Ridgeline
     Sprint Boosters
       '04-'14 Lamborghini Gallardo
       '15-'21 Lamborghini Huracan
       '05-'15 Nissan Titan CC
       '06-'21 Honda Ridgeline
       '03-'21 Toyota 4Runner
       '02-'10 Lamborghini Murci
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       '17-'21 Acura NSX
       '19-'21 Lamborghini Urus
       '20-'21 Porsche 911 (992)
       '06-'20 Toyota Rav4
     Tonneau Covers
       '06-'19 Honda Ridgeline
       '96-'02 Toyota 4Runner
       '03-'20 Toyota 4Runner
       '03-'09 Lexus GX470
     Hood Lifts
       '96-'02 Toyota 4Runner
     Wheel Spacers
       '03-'20 Toyota 4Runner
     Wiper Blades
       '06-'20 Honda Ridgeline
     Skid Plates
       '06-'20 Honda Ridgeline
       '96-'02 Toyota 4Runner
     Trunk Kits
       '02-'04 Infiniti Q45
       '03-'04 Infiniti M45/35
     Headlight Bulbs
       '96-'02 Toyota 4Runner
       '17-'20 Honda Ridgeline
     Real Wood
       '03-'05 Infiniti FX35/45
       '04 Nissan Armada
       '04 Infiniti QX56
       '06-'14 Honda Ridgeline
     Interior Add-ons
       '96-'02 Toyota 4Runner
       '96-'98 Toyota 4Runner
       '03-'05 Toyota 4Runner
       '96-'02 Toyota 4Runner
       '04-'15 Nissan Armada
       '03-'09 Toyota 4Runner
       '04-'14 Lamborghini Gallardo
     Factory Matched Dashes
       '03-'05 Infiniti FX35/45
     Clear Corner Lenses
       '96-'98 Toyota 4Runner

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