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Silver/Silver Real Carbon Fiber (basic kit)


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2004 - 2009, Honda S2000

Add a little spice to your S2k's interior with this real carbon kit! This kit has just the "right" amount of pieces and gets the job done. In the S2000, less is sometimes more. This real silver/silver carbon fiber kit looks awesome and goes great with the stock interior

You will not find a better made/cut kit that fit like ours with tapered edges where the clear coat ends. Most use a generic layout picture, but their kits aren't the caliper of ours. Our real carbon weave can't be beat. Put that top down and be the envy of all your friends.

Be sure to check out the extended kit if you want every possible area covered.

Interior pieces don't need to be removed to add this kit. Lifetime warranty gives you peace of mind.

Reg. Price: $350.00
Our Price: $ 229.00


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I just got done installing my carbon fiber kit from Jason. This is the best style mod I've done to the car, and the quality is superb. Fitment and installation is perfect. Dealing with Jason was great and the parts are flawless. I love how the carbon fiber parts soften up as you heat them up with a hair dryer, and then they mold perfectly to the shape of the original parts that they cover. I was only going to try and install a couple parts today as the exterior temps were still pretty cold, but the installation was so easy that I got almost the entire kit done. Once you get the mating surfaces clean the actual installation goes really fast. The carbon fiber highlights the door handles and window switches in a subtle way so they are visiible in evening driving conditions. The factory black interior is so dark at night, this kit transformed an 8 year old interior above my expectations. Great product and service from Burtman. I have a post on this in the Interiors forum. I hope to snap some pics of the installed product soon. I've purchased hundreds of parts over the years and most of the time you end up with a satisfaction level of about 50-75% on average. This is one of those mods where I feel like I have 100 percent satisfaction, even more if that is possible. Love looking at it every time I get into the car. Thanks again!
Joey Mazzotta
03-28-2010 06:36pm
I have had a Carbon kit in my Honda S2000 from Burtman Industries for 3-4 years now and it still looks as good as day one. I leave the top down on the car for long periods of time on nice days and it has never faded at all or began to peel. I highly recommend their products.
George Hill
04-26-2007 05:40am

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