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Sprint Booster (30 day money back guarantee!) NEW version II!!!


2006 - 2019, Honda Ridgeline

The Sprint Booster is a Plug-n-Play Performance Upgrade for your Ridgeline. This is V3 latest model. We've had many complaints about the Ridgeline's lack of power, and feel of hesitation when getting on the gas.
Jason Burtman, of Burtman Industries just doesn't let any product get in the door. When he heard about this product, he shook his head and said, "Prove it!"
So, we sent some test units to some of our customers and asked them to report back to us. Immediately, we started getting calls asking if they could keep it. Only then, did we start offering this product. This is an upgrade that you can feel with normal everyday driving, not just on the track at redline like most other performance upgrades!

What is the Sprint Booster? Most cars in the 21st century have replaced the more conventional metal throttle cable for an ECM (Electronic Control Module) that translates how hard the pedal is pushed into an electronic signal in order to provide power to the wheels. This is also known as "Drive-By-Wire", and can have the unfortunate downside of delayed response and subdued acceleration. This of course can create problems in certain situations such as up-hill starts, quick gear changes, and passing.

The Sprint Booster FIXES this delayed throttle response on your Ridgeline by providing increased acceleration time (eliminating delay) on the drive-by- wire unit by continuously measuring and converting the digital signal and providing the ECM (Electronic Control Module) with a new and altered signal for much quicker response. This improves response, increases pedal input sensitivity and delivers more impressive off the line performance you can really feel. It's a simple plug-n-play installation which takes a few minutes and delivers instant response throughout the power band.

If you are still confused, simply put, this device amplifies the signal from your gas pedal to the throttle body. It eliminates the delay that is inherent on the Drive by Wire technology on certain vehicles. The Ridgeline, being one of them.

Burtman Industries works directly with the factory and can even have these custom made for other makes makes and models, be sure to ask.

  • At low revs, the engine responds at approximately half the time in comparison to before, see chart above
  • The delay time accelerating in 3rd and 4th gear and the engine in the mid-range, is almost zero.
  • Big gains in high rev range
  • Improved response for downshifts and quicker passing.
  • Overall safety and more fun on the road!
  • Does not affect the warranty
  • Installs in seconds!
  • Does not make the noise of an aftermarket exhaust or intake
  • How do you install it? This is the best part. No cutting, no soldering, nothing but a few seconds. It plugs INLINE with your current wiring. You unplug the cable coming off the ECM, which is behind the gas pedal, and easy to get to. You unplug it, plug this in the middle, and the other end connects back up to the factory wiring. Totally plug & play.

    This is a ROC MEMBERS SPECIAL!!!

    Video link here


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    Reg. Price: $399.99
    Our Price: $ 289.99


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    Well, I just bought one and I must say how impressed I am with it. The throttle response is amazing and there is no more lag and you don't have to put as much pressure on the pedal as before. I let my mechanic, who also has a Ridgeline, try it in his truck and he couldnt believe the difference, so he went ahead and ordered one also. I ordered mine on saturday night and had it on tuesday. Installation was a snap. If it took 45 seconds to install it was a long time. Thanks again Jason
    07 INNY
    04-28-2010 12:31am
    I purchased this product from Jason and I even had a chance to test it for a month. I was very very sceptical at first until I installed this product. It's a plug and play device that connects under the hood. near the upper passengers side. Just like a lego. I did not feel like going for a cold air intake and or the exhaust mods just yet. The Sprint Booster does WORK! Fellow Ridgeliners need to give it a try. Plug it in one week, unplug it the next, then plug it in again. You will find a difference in TBR (throttle body response). I am a very happy customer. Give jason a Call. Thanks again Jason, John Stone
    John Stone
    01-22-2009 05:58pm
    I got one of the last two you had before and am ecstatic with it. For those of you on the fence, just do it. Not only does my RL feel peppier, but so far after 3 tanks, I'm getting 25 or so more miles per tank. I might be wrong, but it could be because I don't push it to the metal that much anymore. I let a buddy drive the other day, who had previous drove my RL a half a dozen times before, and he couldn't believe how much quicker the truck felt. He thought I somehow squeezed more power out of her. Anyways, for all the Haters that have knocked it without trying it for themselves, I am glad I bought the booster and didn't listen to you guys.
    Mark Mckee
    04-19-2010 04:06pm
    So I ordered a sprint booster for my '17 ridgeline from Jason B at Burtman Industries, and I have to say.... I was pretty skeptical, thinking its snake oil, hogwash, etc....but I have to admit I love this F@#$@# thing. Basically, the one thing I hated about the ridgeline was the artificial throttle lag, and the sprint booster got rid of it, and on top of that, lets you set the sensitivity of the throttle response to your own liking. This is probably my favorite mod as of now because it got rid of something i HATED and then IMPROVED it.

    1. no more throttle lag.
    2. no more trying to time your passing in bumper to bumper traffic
    3. allows you to dial in your throttle sensitivity to match your stump leg
    4. easy to install, and stupidly easy to adjust.
    5. puts the smile back in my commute.
    6. pedal lockout which acts like a immobilizer when you need to park your car for extended periods of time.
    7. set it and forget it once you figure out what works for you.

    1. not sure if its worth that kind of coin if the current throttle response doesn't bother you.
    2. 18 settings mean you kinda have to figure out what works for you.
    3. you are basically paying somebody to fix a problem that Honda knowingly created.
    4. maybe worse gas mileage, I don't know about that..I think it helps my gas mileage because I'm not mashing the gas pedal anymore to pass (now I try n feather the throttle like a normal human).

    Lastly, Jason was a pleasure to deal with, even going as far to actually calling me to tell me my order was going to be slightly delayed. Yup, dood actually called me before a problem can arise, and yeah. he actually calls (not email, not text, and most importantly not disappearing with your money for weeks on end).

    Also, Jason was the cheapest after tax and shipping (even beating amazon).

    Isaac Cheng
    10-26-2018 03:28pm
    Just got home and installed the SB, and all is well. I drove it around all day and no problems. It feels like a new truck. A while back when I put my lift kit on, I said it was exactly what the truck needed to create a more aggressive apperance. The SB now allows me to back up the aggresive apperance with a more aggresive driving ability. I don't have to 'mash the pedal' in order to get the truck to drop into 4th or 3rd to accelerate. I'm very happy with my purchase! Could I have just driven more aggresively, yes, but it would require me to keep my foot to the floor whereas the SB makes it a lot easier to accelerate. A LOT EASIER! I have recently been beat off the line by sedans and other trucks and I hope this will give my truck the 'kick in the ass' it needs to win. Since I don't have to push so hard to accelerate, my foot is more readily accessable to hit the brakes. Without the SB, my foot would be pressing harder to go just as fast which would take me longer to hit the brakes. Thanks for the outstanding service and communication!
    Bryan Bg
    02-21-2009 04:51am

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