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Lifts Kits and Leveling Kits - NOW IN STOCK, SHIPS SAME DAY!!!


2007 - 2010, Toyota FJ Cruiser

Burtman Industries is proud to present the Cornfed Lift kit and front leveling kits for the 2007+ FJ Cruiser. These newly designed kits work on models with and without Toyota's new Xreas™ suspension. These are the perfect solution for a mild lift on your FJ. Unbeatable quality, fit, and still rides like stock.
Also works with our Spidertrax wheel spacers!

Front spacers are custom machined from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum, one of the strongest aluminum alloys to the highest tolerances. Rear spacers are made from UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene). This industrial strength plastic is an ideal alternative to Aluminum and the UHMW is very similar to the material used by car manufacturers in the OEM coilover assembly.

These spacers allow an effective, inexpensive means of getting those first few inches of lift for a larger tire, or for giving that last small amount of lift for the larger tires you may already have. Spacers are a direct fit with no cutting or welding required.

The 1" front leveling kit gives you a 1" front lift machined from 6061 aluminum which mounts to the top of the coil spring assembly. These will help "level" out your front end and get rid of that squashed look! This kit allows for fitment of the 265/70r17 tire size which is about 1/2" larger tire than the stock 265/65r17.

The 2" front/1" rear lift kit gives you a 2" front lift and a 1" rear lift. The 2" front spacers will include a 6061 aluminum spacer which mounts outside of the coilover and also a smaller UHMW spacer that installs inside of the coilpack. Rear spacer is machined from UHMW. This kit allows for a 275/70r17 or a 275/70r16 tire/wheel combo.

The 3" front/2" rear lift kit gives you a 3" front lift and a 2" rear lift. The 3" front spacers are machined from 6061 aluminum, and rear machined from UHMW. This kit will allow you to fit a 285/70r17 or a 285/75r16 tire/wheel combo, which is a 33" height.

All kits Will fit models with and without Xreas™ suspension.

Our new facility is up and running! Kits will ship same day you order! Install for spacers will required a coil compressor, jack stands, and general hand tools, 3-4 hours for installation. Will not work with optional self leveling/airbag suspension.

Jason Burtman's 4Runner Limited


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Reg. Price: $350.00
Our Price: $ 145.00


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