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4Runner Wood Wheel Cover


1998 - 2002, Toyota 4Runner

This simulated wood shell is designed to match the Burtman Industries™ synthetic wood kit for your 4Runner. This isn't like those imitation vinyl covers you see at your local autoparts store. If you have the Burtman Industries™ synth wood kit in your SR5 or LIMITED this wheel is the perfect add-on. It looks so good, your passengers will think it came that way from the factory. The wheel shell is open in the back and your fingers will still grip the factory leather wheel, which makes it really comfortable. It snaps over the existing wheel and looks great. The only other option for 4Runner owners is to buy a completley new wheel and airbag which costs upwards of, $1200! This solution is much better.

Will fit 98-02 four spoke 4Runner wheels.
Picture above shown as example.

Jason Burtman's 4Runner Limited

Reg. Price: $109.00
Our Price: $ 85.00

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If you like the wood look you will love this trim ring. I have an 02 LTD with the Burtman add on kit and this Wheel Ring is the finishing touch. Color match was outstanding and better yet the install takes less than 5 seconds. Mine has been on for a few months now and I can't imagine the look of my interior without it. As usual another great product from Jason.
Chris Leytham
03-02-2006 02:00am
I just purchased this kit and couldn't wait to install it in my '99 4Runner Limited 4WD. I am usually very cautious about upgrades but this kit arrived in mint condition and matched my existing dark burled interior perfectly! Installation was easy, the look is incredible. A great way to add that luxury feel to your interior.
Jason Phillips
10-25-2006 03:42am

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