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True Flow Air Intake (for 4.0 liter, V6 engines)


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2003 - 2009, Toyota 4Runner

Burtman Industries is proud to present the True Flow XDi Intake System for the 4.0L V6 4Runner! True Flow has developed the XDi air intake canister as the ultimate intake system. What makes this intake different than most? It's designed with "Inverted Air Flow" technology, which reverses the direction of air flow through the filter and canister offering a lower rate for restriction. So low in fact, it's less restrictive then no canister or air box at all. True flow engineers managed this by giving the air direction. Because of this design, True Flow is able to locate the canister in just about any location and direction.

This system is capable of supplying V6 motors with more air then they can use. The goal is to protect the filter from air borne particles. This system protect you against water, moisture, heat, and dust. On some vehicles, protection and location is more important then heat intake, such is the case with off-road capable vehicles like your 4Runner, Jeeps, Toyota FJ's, and custom off road race cars and trucks.

The key to any intake system is the filter and True Flow has built a reputation as the company that stops dirt and does not restrict air flow. The two stage foam filter (reusable and life time warranty) stops up to 70% more dirt than the leading gauze filter and is 48% less restrictive when dirty. This filter offers 22 times the storage capabilities and never breaks down during servicing. See the unbelievable video here!

  • Powdercoated Mandrel Bent Tubing
  • Nylon Reinforced Silicone Couplers
  • Stainless Steel Worm Clamps
  • True Flow High Performance Foam Air Filter
  • For 4.0L V6 only.

    Jason Burtman's 4Runner Limited

    Reg. Price: $450.00
    Our Price: $ 329.99


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    good stuff, my box came all torn up but the material was in perfect condition. WOT sounds good and extremely loud @ 5K rpm and up. the piping seems kinds short to me (the coupling gaps between pipes are like 2-3inches to fit perfectly) although the coupling covers it no prob. Installing is easy, one con is that you will have to cut your engine cover about 3 inches where they pipe comes out. yeah i like it, black couplings would look better
    joey voo
    08-29-2009 06:37pm

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